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Hospital to be demolished

August 15, 2005

Moultrie - Thousands of people came into the world at Vereen Memorial Hospital, and just as many left it there, but memories of the old hospital will stay alive in the minds of many people treated there.

When Dorothy Pearl Rogers learned Vereen Memorial Hospital would be destroyed, she, was disappointed. She says, "I kind of had a bad feeling. I still have a bad feeling about it, I don't know, maybe it will turn out to be a better place. It's just got so many memories behind it, 'til it seems like it's a piece of us."

For years the hospital has been a cornerstone of the community. Now those stones are being removed, becoming another piece of Colquitt County history. That's why Dorothy brought her camera along to say goodbye. She's taking pictures, to preserve the joyous and even sorrowful times she experienced here.

"There's just been a lot in the family that have deceased here," says Dorothy. She remembers the way the hospital was laid out, and points to rooms, that were once filled with fresh flowers. Now, decaying roses, left by others wanting to say goodbye, foreshadow the hospital's fate.

Rogers says, "It just has so many memories to it, you know. Our children and families coming into the world, going out of the world." A world that will soon only have a memory of Vereen Memorial Hospital.

WALB NEWS 10 photojournalist, Sam Smith worked on this story today. He was the second baby born in Vereen Memorial Hospital after it was built in 1939.

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