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State to go on voter ID tour

August 15, 2005

Albany- Under the new voting law, Georgians must show a picture ID before casting a ballot.

Up until now, they only needed one of 17 forms of identification, which included such documents as bank statements or certain receipts.

On September 1st, the Department of Driver Services will canvas the state issuing free ID cards to those who can't afford the twenty dollar fee. Proponents say cutting the number of accepted forms of ID would reduce fraud at the polls.

"It's been no problem for our poll workers. The main burden of course is always on the voter and they just have to remember that they have to have their ID of some sort when they come in, and if it changes to photo ID then they're going to have to take some special steps to get that," says Dougherty County elections supervisor Carolyn Hatcher.

While the legislature has passed the new ID law, Hatcher says it has not yet been approved by the Department of Justice. So, unless it is cleared before the September 20th special election for Dougherty County Commission, district two, voters can still cast ballots with any of the 17 accepted forms of ID.


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