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City prayer vigil welcomed by military family

August 15, 2005

Albany -- This week both the State of Georgia and the City of Albany will hold prayer vigils, to show support for Georgia's soldiers serving in Iraq and the Middle East.

One wife, whose husband is serving in the Georgia National Guard's 48th Brigade in Iraq, says prayer is one of the best things the community can do for them.

Sandrieka Bradford says lots of people ask what they can do to help, while her husband Willie serves in Iraq with the 48th Brigade. Thursday and Sunday she says there is something everyone can do. Bradford says "I believe strongly in prayer, and I believe that's all we can do while the soldiers are away."

Sandrieka cares for their two children, while E-4 Willie Bradford handles technical support and communications for the troops. 11 members of the 48th Brigade have died since arriving in Iraq in May. A dangerous job for the troops, and a difficult wait at home for the wives. Bradford said "It takes a toll. We can only just pray about it and try to stay strong. And try to be supportive for him."

 Thursday, Governor Perdue has asked Georgians to observe a moment of silence for the troops at 1 PM, while a prayer vigil is going on at the State Capital. Sunday, at Albany's First United Methodist Church a citywide prayer vigil will begin at 4 PM. Bradford said "I feel the family that prays together stays together. Right now all of us are family, and any prayers we can get, anywhere we can get them, anytime, that would be a great wonderful idea."

Several Albany ministers will lead the city prayer vigil, along with Mayor Willie Adams. Sandrieka Bradford says the members of the 48th Brigade and their families will appreciate all the prayers and support, during these dangerous times.

55 Georgia soldiers have died since the war on terror began.

Albany's Prayer Vigil for the Troops will be held Sunday at 4 PM at the First United Methodist Church.


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