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Gas prices rise steadily

August 14, 2005

Albany-- It's that familiar story at the gas pumps, higher prices.

According to Triple A, the national average for gas prices is $2.41 a gallon. In Georgia, the average price is $2.34 a gallon. South Georgians say the prices are heavy on their pockets and sometimes they can't even fill their tanks up because of the prices.

"I just put five dollars in here. Gas is too high," says Adrienne Haugabrook.

"We as Americans are hard workers. I feel that something overseas according to the war has something to do with this," says Nathan Reed.

Here in Albany, the average price we saw was about $2.45 a gallon well over the national and state average. Last year around this time, the national average was just $1.86 a gallon.



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