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Albany gets new city leader

August 13, 2005

Albany- The city of Albany has a new leader. Early Saturday morning, City Manager, Alfred Lott signed a three year, $110,000 contract to lead the city of Albany.

"We are honored today to have a new city manager, Mr. Alfred Lott," said Albany Mayor Willie Adams.

With the stroke of a pen, Albany citizens got a new leader, who has a big task in front of him.

"Immediately, I think I can, I'm going to focus my efforts on making the departments and organization just immediately more efficient and effective," said Alfred Lott.

To accomplish that goal, Lott plans to hit the ground running when he starts September 19th.

"The first thing I'd like to do is get to meet everybody and meet all the department directors and get updates on their departments," said Lott.

He'll be checking on each department's human relations and financial status, then there's the business of replacing missing department heads. "The other part will be to fill the vacancies that exist at the critical positions, the city planner, the police chief and other department level positions that are empty," said Lott.

Saturday, Lott and City Commissioners reviewed the cities strategic five year plan.

"Once you get over 50 thousand people in a town you get a rather large city and that increases the responsibility. You have to have a plan that people can go to and focus on and stay on track and those plans should be adjusted annually," said Lott.

He wants the city of Albany to focus on the business of serving it's citizens.

"I've seen successful governments and they've been very good at delivering service to residents, because that's what people want, they want their trash picked up on time, they want the police there, they want codes enforced, and they want to be able to talk to somebody when they call," said Lott.

He believes Albany is moving in the right direction and that with minor adjustments the city will work more efficiently and effectively.

"This seems like a large organization, but well thought out and once the adjustments are made based on this plan I think the organization will be in good shape," said Lott.

The city commission spent Saturday at a workshop focused on the city's fiv year strategic plan. That plan will need to be formally approved at a regular commission meeting.



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