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The Hilton Garden Inn gets first overnight guests

August 12, 2005

Albany- One of the anchors for downtown Albany's revitalization plan is finally open for business. Friday night, the first guests will get a good night's rest at the 17-million dollar, 122-room Hilton Garden Inn and conference center.

"Good afternoon, I'm Judith Hatch, I'd like to check in please," said the Hilton Garden Inn's first guest.

Dr. Judith Hatch checked in late this afternoon. "Thank you, I am so excited, I love this," said Hatch.

Hatch called eight months ago to book her reservation for tonight and found out recently she would be the hotel's first guest. The hotel put her in one of three suites in the 122 room hotel.

"This is the first thing you do test out the bed right?" questioned Hatch.

A hotel connoisseur because of the traveling she does for her job as a Chiropractor, Judith says, this Hilton makes the A list. "Oh, it's good," said Hatch.

Her curiosity was shared by Robert and Lula Montgomery who are also giving up their own beds for the first night at the Hilton.

"We like to be first and this was an opportunity for us to come down spend the night and take a look at it, see the facilities," said Montgomery.

After checking out the menu. "Yes, I wonder what I'm going to have tonight?" questioned Montgomery. The Montgomery's planned a quiet evening. "Hang out and maybe check the lounge out and just see what goes on down here," said Montgomery.

Which seems to be the best way to spend a Friday night in Albany. A friend will be staying with Judith tonight and the two plan to make the most of the newest addition to downtown.

"We're just going to go down to the lobby and have fun and call our friends and tell them to meet us here," said Hatch.

The hotel has had people walking in off the street this week making reservations.

Next week, the hotel will host it's first luncheon for close to 200 people, and while the hotel is open, a grand opening will be held September 21st.

The hotel's first big public event will be a Boogie Nights Ball, an evening of food and dancing on August 27th.



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