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School construction costs part of lawsuit testimony

August 12, 2005

Albany -- A Construction expert testified that the Dougherty County School System paid almost twice as much as other school districts to build schools in the late 90-s.

David Maschke's defamation lawsuit against the Beers Construction Company and the Moody Construction Company continued Friday.

Construction expert Greg Smith testified that Dougherty County schools were paying almost twice per square foot what other South Georgia counties were paying for the same construction.

 During those projects, Maschke, an architect, was fired by the construction companies, blaming him for some of those budget overruns.

Maschke's suit says Beers Moody caused the high costs. Maschke's lawyer, Dean Marshall said "We think that's powerful testimony of motive. That Beers Moody was acting to get rid of Mr. Maschke so that they would in effect silence a critic."

Maschke is asking for more than one million dollars from the construction companies, for hurting his business, blaming him for the cost overruns.

Maschke is a school board member now, but was not in 1997 when he was hired as an architect.

Maschke originally named the Dougherty County school system as part of this suit, but has dropped them from his complaint.


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