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Cell Phone tower damage threatened workers lives

August 11, 2005

Dougherty County -- A cell phone tower under construction in East Dougherty County was vandalized.

 The construction workers discovered the vandalism about 7 Thursday morning, at the 250 foot tower at the corner of Cordele and Doles Roads. Between 6 AM and 6 PM someone climbed to the top of the cell phone tower, and unbolted the light, several amplifiers, and a half dozen cables and threw them off.

 But most chilling, Construction supervisors found the booms at the top of the tower, where the workers stand, had been loosened. If anyone got on them, they would have fallen. Construction Supervisor Richard Vose said "It would have killed them. Anyone that would have gone up there today without looking at what happened and known it, we probably would have been having a little bit different situation here today."

 The vandal did about ten thousand dollars worth of damage to the cell phone tower.

 If you saw anyone on this cell phone tower at Cordele and Doles Road Wednesday night or Thursday morning, Dougherty County Police ask that you contact them.

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