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Strong storms cause damage

August 10, 2005

Mitchell Co.- Late afternoon storms Wednesday turned roadways into waterways in Mitchell County causing Jermaine Hart Junior's truck to hydroplane and flip along Gravel Hill Road.

"This is unusual, so we had a big amount of water today, more than usual and it caught everybody by surprise," said Deputy Martin Barnes, Mitchell Co. Sheriff's office.

Storms knocked out a breaker at plant Mitchell and left many people in the dark from the Mitchell, Dougherty County line to Baconton.

It also caught Gravel Hill neighbors by surprise and turned some backyards into ponds. This man drove through his yard, dog in tow to collect his daughter. Others took the rain in stride.

"I just thought it would be fun to do, just get out here and float around the yard," said Johnny Red.

Storms also brought down concrete block from the Goodwill building in Albany and knocked out power downtown. Motorists were left guessing whose turn it was at traffic lights and downtown restaurant owners left shaking their heads.

"Very upset and disappointed," said Ramiro Alverez.

Only the security lights were left on at San Joe's Mexican Restaurant during their dinner rush. "We can't service, we can't serve food, alcohol," said Alverez.

"We're just having to make our own receipts and ring it up on a calculator," said Kate Whiting, Envy co-owner.

Despite the blackout Envy still had some shoppers willing to brave the dark to find a bargain.


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