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Man arrested after high speed chase, crime spree

August 10, 2005

Albany- A high speed chase ended with a collision at the intersection of Palmyra and Ledo Roads and police taking Wilson Allen Lam, III to jail.

His front tire shredded after being flattened by stop sticks put out by the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office, one of five agencies assisting the pursuit.

"He was driving very recklessly. The officers had their lights and sirens activated and they did a very good job during this long pursuit," says Lt. Tracey Barnes of the Albany Police Department.

Lam crashed the gray Dodge Durango into the passenger side of 60 year old Connie Edwards' Toyota Camry. Fortunately no one was injured, but Lam's crime spree started long before the chase and collision. Around 10:30 Wednesday morning police received a call from Regions Bank on Sylvester Road.

"Wilson Allen Lam III was over there attempting to cash a forged check written for $675 out to himself," says Barnes.

He drove off before police got there and about an hour later tried to carjack a woman in the 400 block of North Jackson street.

"He approached the vehicle with his hand wrapped up in a towel indicating he might be concealing a type of weapon, and he tried to force her out of the vehicle. She locked the vehicle and started honking the horn, and some concerned citizens in the area came to her assistance," says Barnes.

After the unsuccessful carjacking, Lam got back in the Durango, but was soon spotted by Albany Police.

"The pursuit lasted approximately 16 minutes in northwest Albany where it resulted in an accident at the corner of Ledo and Palmyra Road, and that's where he was taken into custody."

Police say they are in the process of conducting a background check on Lam, but for now he faces a long list of charges.

"He's got a forgery in the first degree charges against him for the forged check, also aggravated assault for attempting to carjack the lady's vehicle, attempting to allude police and just numerous traffic violations." Lam is being held in the Dougherty County Jail.

The Georgia State Patrol is investigating the collision. Troopers say charges against Lam from their agency are still pending. We have also learned that the Dodge Durango he was driving was a rental from David Smith Autoland.


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