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New look Dougherty County Police cars hit the streets

August 10, 2005

Albany -- Several new look Dougherty County Police cruisers are on the streets. Dougherty County Police have four white Patrol Cars in service now, and will go with this new look in all their future Patrol Cars.

Ford discontinued the familiar green color that Dougherty County Police have used, and it would cost $800 per car to have them painted. So the Officers themselves helped pick out the logo design and white color that will now be used.

The new cars also have some high tech improvements. Chief Don Cheek said "We're going to the all L.E.D. light bars. They have got much, much better visibility during the day. And at night they are unbelievably bright."

The Dougherty County Police plan to order six new Police Cruisers in the 2006 budget year, and they will have the new white color and logo.

The green Patrol Vehicles will continue to be used until they are taken out of service.


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