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Do you know your current events? Click here to find out!

August 8, 2005

Albany - Even some simple questions about things that should be common knowledge could answers that may surprise you.

Karen Collier (Reporter): "What are the three branches of Government?"

Kendra Hunter says, "Judicial, Legislative and, I don't know.

Karen: "Executive."

Kendra: "Executive."

Anna Condit and Kate Whiting said, "Judicial, Executive, Legislative."

Karen: "Who is the First Lady of the United States?"

Anna and Kate: "Barbara Bush. Oh, wait, Laura."

Karen: "Who's the first lady?"

Kendra: "Um, Mrs. Bush?

Karen: "Do you know her first name?"

Kendra: "No."

Karen: "Laura Bush."

Kendra: "Okay, Laura Bush."

Karen: "Who is the Secretary of State? [hint] Woman. [hint] Her last name rhymes with Nice.

Scott Nix and Kevin White: "Condoleezza Rice. Yeah, there you go."

Karen: "How many states are in the United States?"

Leonard Montgomery: "50, if we include Puerto Rico and Hawaii it might be 51 or 52."

Karen: "How many stars are on the United States flag?"

Kendra: "52. 50? Okay, 50, 50!"

Karen: "Who is the Governor of Georgia?"

Anna and Kate: "Mark Taylor."

Karen: "He's the Lt. Governor. [hint] Sonny..."

Anna and Kate: "Sonny Perdue."

As you can see, most people know the answers, they simply got stumped when put on the spot. It just goes to show education doesn't stop after you graduate from school.

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