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Lt. Gov. predicts the end for Bobs

Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor

August 8, 2005

Albany-- Lt. Governor Mark Taylor says it is almost assured that one of Albany's oldest and most famous manufacturing plants will close. Taylor says it appears Bobs Candies new owners will move their operation to Mexico, closing the plant after 86 years in Albany.

Taylor and Albany community leaders say they are prepared to help the 200 Bobs employees find new jobs. The Lt. governor joined Albany's Mayor, Dougherty County Commission Chairman, and State Representatives to pledge their support to Bobs Candies Employees.

"There appears to be little hope that this decision can be reversed," Taylor said. "It is now time to be concerned about what will happen to our friends and neighbors who are losing their jobs at Bobs Candies."

The Lt. Governor blames NAFTA for Bobs Candies plans to shut down a plant that has been the world's leading candy cane maker for 86 years. Taylor said "How is anybody who is involved in the manufacturing is ever going to have their job in this country, if we have to compete with countries that pay their folks a dollar and a half an hour or less?"

Taylor and Albany leaders say they are still negotiating with the new owners of Bobs, Farley's and Sather's, to not move their operation to Mexico, but they want to let the employees know about available help.

Dougherty County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard said, "What their options are in terms of new jobs, new training, benefits, transition payments."

Lt. Governor Taylor and Community leaders pledged to do everything possible to help the 200 Bobs Candies employees find new jobs. Taylor said "A community the size of Albany can't afford to lose one of it's largest employers."

Taylor said the solution to Georgia's manufacturing jobs lost is better education, and he says that is his main platform in his run for Governor.

Meanwhile, Albany braces for the loss of one of it's top ten employers, which everyone admits appears almost certain now. Albany Department of Labor head Norman Race said that Bobs employees should go ahead and check on state benefits and programs to help them find new jobs, if and when the plant closes.


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