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Bank robbers caught in Albany

August 8, 2005

Albany-- Around 1:00 Monday afternoon, two men walked into the Regions Bank on 16th Avenue in Cordele and stole more than $2,500. The two ran out, jumped in their car, and headed south on Highway 300.

And when a Crisp Count deputy tried to stop them, they took off on a high speed chase that ended in Albany.

The high speed chase came through Warwick, where an officer spotted a red car that matched the description of one just used in the Regions Bank Robbery. The officer called for back up and started following the car south on Highway 300.

Once back up arrived, she turned on her blue lights and that's when the suspects took off. They flew through Warwick reaching speeds of more than 100 miles per hour and dodged stop sticks deputies had placed on the highway to blow out their tires.

Minutes later they came into Albany and when Highway 300 ended at Five Points, they jumped out on Johnson Road at the Winn Dixie and ran.

One man even rolled over the top of the deputy car, still carrying the money in his hand. But the two men didn't get far before Crisp deputies, Albany and Dougherty County police, who had been called into helped, caught them behind the grocery store.

Nineteen-year-old Richard Bynes and 18-year-old Dontrabious Burr from Newton were handcuffed and taken back to Crisp County deputies. Tonight the two are being booked in jail and face charges from eluding police to robbery.

The Crisp County Sheriff says authorities will also investigate whether these two men are connected with a string of armed robberies from North Florida to Middle Georgia.

A gang of bandits have robbed about a dozen businesses, from banks to loans offices.