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A better way to shred important document information

August 8, 2005

By: IJ Hudson

Undated--Sacks full of paper, being taken to a Shred It truck to be shredded. It all happens inside the truck, a big shredder gobbling up the paper, and turning documents, bills, personal information into tiny pieces of paper. Shred It says its business has jumped 25 percent over the last year because of consumer and business concerns over identity theft. The shredded material stays in the truck until it's processed. Nobody sees anything or has access to the truck.

When it is time for the shredded material to be processed, the truck backs into the warehouse area of Shred It. The already shredded paper is dumped onto a conveyor system that carries it into a big baling machine, that turns what was once personal information into 2000 pound bales.

Alan says there are several ways to shred documents. The five eighths cross cut they use for most things, another system that turns paper into essentially powder, and the way most consumer shred documents called spaghetti shredding in which pieces of paper are cut into long strips are not that safe says Alan.

So paper shredded by Shred It is cut into really tiny bits, compressed into bales, and then sent to centers around the country to be recycled.

A safe way to protect yourself from identity theft and recycle at the same time.

There are Shred It plants located all over the world.

Click here to find the one closest to you.

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