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How to find bargains near you

August 8, 2005

By: Bob Hansen

Undated--It can take a lot of time for Shelley Stapley to look through every supermarket ad and flyer, but she says the savings are worth it.

Finding those bargains page by page isn't easy.

Andrew Moss says he has the answer for Shelley and other bargain shoppers.  A San Francisco based web site named  A site that lets you shop at your favorite grocers with the click of a mouse.

I asked Shelley to try out the web site, looking for bargains.  She typed in a number of products and liked what she found.

I tried it as well, looking for deals in 12 different categories, from bananas to baby food, soup to salsa, chips to cookies.  Out of a dozen items that are on sale at each of the stores that match the term you put in.

Now while I'm most impressed with the ability to search for supermarket bargains, the web site will also search drugstores like Longs, department stores like Sears, and electronic stores like Best Buy.

In each case you can list your zip code and find the deals that are closest to your home or work.

For more information on bargains.


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