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Hilton Garden Inn opening delayed

August 7, 2005

Albany- Sunday is a day of rest for most, but not for those working at the new Hilton Garden Inn.

"Seeing it from block and steel come to life as a hotel has really been exciting," said Todd Cleveland, GM Hilton Garden Inn.

Crews were hustling about, finishing up the final chores.

"Things have really shaped up over the past, the course of the past week really, we the landscaping being probably 95 percent completed the hotel guest rooms are in the same condition almost complete, the lobby is almost ready," said Cleveland.

The hotel had planned to open Tuesday but that date was set a long time ago.

"Instead of opening on Tuesday August ninth, we will be opening on Friday, August twelfth, the reason being as you know it's hard to predict the exact opening date of the hotel because they're so many things that have to coincide simultaneously to make that happen," said Cleveland.

Over the last week, the hotel has really come together as the finishing touches are added.

"Final supplies in the guest room, the soaps, shampoos, the necessary things that make our guest rooms what they are. We'll be doing food testing in our kitchen and our restaurant," said Cleveland.

With the staff in place it's come down to last minute instructions.

"A lot of it is hands on training, cleaning the guest rooms, there's a lot of dust and construction still we're getting out of here, we are training every single day," said Cleveland.

By Friday afternoon the first guest will be ready to settle in for a good night's rest.

"We didn't deliberately book a lot of reservations, it was mainly local business people interested in the hotel that wanted to be the first in the hotel." said Cleveland.

The grand opening for the Hilton Garden Inn is scheduled for September 21.

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