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Safe driving habits

August 5, 2005

Albany- According to number from the National Transportation and Safety Administration, Georgia ranked fourth last year when it comes to roadway fatalities. So we hit the road literally to find out what drivers think about how safe their fellow drivers are?

Roadways Friday afternoon were showered with rain, but many motorists we found failed to turn on their headlights on some of Albany's busiest highways.

"I had a guy today pull out in front of me and if I hadn't seen his car I would have run into him, because he didn't have his lights on in the rain," said Kenny Flournoy of Albany.

"Now it's raining people should drive slower and have they're lights on," said Tammy Gilmer, an Albany motorist.

Many motorists say their fellow drivers' habits could use improving.

"I think it could be better," said Gilmer.

"Some of them are and some of them ain't good drivers. Some of them drive too slow and so just don't drive fast enough," said Flournoy.

They say good driving habits, like following the posted speed limits, signaling when you plan to change lanes, and not following the car in front of you too closely are often ignored.

"People pulling out in front of you," said Gilmer.

"People got kids in the car, they should drive safe and all," said Flournoy.

"Do you always put your seat belt on? I do, don't go anywhere without it," said Harold Nickerson of Tallahassee, FL.

Others feel for the amount of traffic the Albany area deals with most drivers are doing what they need to get them on their way.

"You see this many cars going by and everything and you don't see them all piled up, so they're doing a pretty good job," said Walter Nicholson, an Albany motorist.

The National Safety Council recommends driving defensively, that means wearing safety belts, remembering that driving too fast or too slow can increase the likelihood of a collision, and being alert of the other drivers around you.



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