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Farmers should pay attention to Energy bill

August 5, 2005

Albany-- Senator Saxby Chambliss say the newly passed energy bill will affect farmers almost as much as the farm bill. Friday, Senator Chambliss spoke to farmers at the Georgia Peanut Producers Association meeting.

He said the use of an ethanol-blend gasoline as fuel will help future farmers save money. He said the ethanol gas could cost about $1.30 a gallon.

Chambliss also talked about cotton seeds being used to make bio-diesel. But the Senator said the future of farming heavily depends on America's competitiveness with foreign growers.

"We have simply got to figure out a way to allow us to compete in the world market when it's not a level playing field," said Chambliss. "Unless we can get that level, it's going to be difficult to write a farmer bill any different from what we've got now, but it's going to be with less money."

Chambliss also said if south Georgia gets more rain in the next month, the largest crop we could see the largest crop ever. That could mean excess peanuts and lower profits for farmers.


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