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Ladies walk to beat breast cancer

August 5, 2005

 Thomasville-- The fight against breast cancer now has four special women from Thomasville on its side.

Kim Smith, Janetta Barfield, Devy Moore, and Leslie Drury are part of a 12 woman team that's training to raise $25,000 for breast cancer research by the end of next month.

 "We're going to walk 60 miles in Atlanta. 20 miles a day. We have three days to complete it," says Moore.

After those daily workouts, each night, they'll sleep in tents "I hike and backpack, so tents don't bother me," laughs Drury.

That's a tough endurance test each of these tough women are taking for similar reasons. "Everybody who's doing the walk either had someone with breast cancer or is going through treatment," says Smith. "I happen to be a nurse so I see it everyday," says Barfield.

"My mother in law had breast cancer and was able to survive," adds Drury.

"I have a dear friend, Randi, who fought breast cancer and survived," says Moore. Now, these ladies are fighting for a cure, putting in a rigorous three hour workout regimen daily.

Theirs is an effort that comes effortlessly. "It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, it can touch your life. The efforts are very well worth it," says Barfield. "It's worth it because of the people and the research," says Drury.

"I'm very excited about this walk," adds Moore. "It has been kind of fun," says Smith. That's the only fun in a disease that affects more than 200,000 American women annually.

If you'd like to contribute to the effort, stop by the Farmer's and Merchant's Bank in Thomasville. Tell them you'd like to donate to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Fund.


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