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Family hopes for safety for three sons

August 4, 2005

Americus- Robert Ingle is seeing a lot of Iraq, but through the eyes of three of his sons.

Robert Jr., Raymond and Ronald Ingle are all members of the 48th Brigade. They are also at Camp Striker together in Baghdad.

"This is what they all wanted," their father said. "So we support them 100 percent. We're behind them in their decision."

The Ingle's fourth son Richard is also preparing to re-enlist because he too, wants to serve in Iraq. Like other families of these citizen soldiers, the last time he saw his sons was at Fort Stewart in May for a family weekend. Right now, he knows they are safe.

"What our boys are doing, along with all the guys over there fighting, are trying to keep the war in Iraq. Keep it away from us as much as possible."

But the Brigade's casualties are still hitting close to home with the deaths of soldiers from South Georgia like Gus Brunson and Vic Anderson. Ingle hired Anderson as a deputy when he was the Sumter County Sheriff. He says Anderson celebrated when he learned he was going overseas.

"I think I must of been one of the first ones he came to tell and he grabbed me and hugged and said 'I'm going. I'm going to be with my boys over there, so."

Even though his boys are also grieving the loss of fellow soldiers, they are still focused.

"They are more determined now to finish the job they went over there to do, and that's to help the good people of Iraq," he said.

Ingle says he hopes they will return here to be by his side, instead of looking at them through photos in what seems like a world away.

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