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Mother prays for sons in Alpha Company

August 4, 2005

Lowndes County - Ethel Williams is a typical mother, always thinking of her children. But lately she's been worried, and for good reason. "My second oldest and my youngest son, they're over in Iraq now," said Williams.

Ron and Darren Williams are both part of the 48th Brigade's Alpha Company, based out of Valdosta. "Being a mother, you take a lot of things into consideration, knowing they're in harm's way 24 hours a day, seven days a week," said Williams.

Ethel is no stranger to war. Her oldest son is in the Army and her husband is retired military.

They've both been deployed more times than she can count. But even though her family has a long military history, she says that doesn't make it any easier. "You never get used to it because you're constantly wondering, well, they're overseas somewhere, are they going to make it back," said Williams.

Eleven members of the 48th Brigade have died in combat in less than two weeks and with every soldier killed, Ethel grows more and more concerned about her sons' safety .

She tries not to worry, and instead, turns to her faith. "If I had a nickel for every prayer I've said since they were deployed, I would really be sitting good," said Williams.

And hopefully this mother's love and prayers will be enough to bring her sons home safely.

News of more deaths in Iraq have military families in Worth County on edge as well. Sheriff Freddie Tompkins' 30-year-old son Mickey is also in the Guard.

He called his parents right after the July 24th blast that killed Worth County guardsman Specialist Gus Brunson. He told his parents he was in the area when the bomb detonated, but was safe. Tompkins hasn't heard from his son in a couple days, but is remaining optimistic.

"If something happens you just have to think that's what he chose to do, and hope for the best," Sheriff Tompkins says.

Tompkins says he also has half a dozen cousins fighting in Iraq, and is keeping all the troops in his prayers.


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