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Deputies helping watch over students, schools

August 3, 2005

Albany- For many students at Dougherty Comprehensive High School, the first day of school may have been a big change.

What hasn't changed is an armed officer working among them.

"We have officers in all the high schools, the middle schools and the South Georgia Regional Achievement Center," said Deputy Superintendent Carlos Keith.

The school system is paying Dougherty County deputies and a couple of Dougherty County police to stand in for former resource officers.

"They've started our schools today and we will use them until they get our school police force in place," Keith said.

System administrators hoped to have had the force in place by Wednesday, the first day of school, but they didn't want to rush an important process.

The school system lost eight school resource officers provided by the city last May, because the Albany Police Department said they needed those officers on the streets. The Dougherty County School System was already paying the majority of the salaries for officers from the Albany Police Department when APD decided to take those officers out of the schools.

The School System is reviewing 29 applicants for the chief's position and they've had 50 people apply to be officers. It may take four to six more weeks to get the work done.

"We're in the process of hiring a chief for the police department."

For now, they know they can depend on the help of deputies.

"We have trained certified people in these positions," he said.

Until they can hire the one who will permanently walk these halls to watch over students.

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