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First day of school

August 3, 2005

Albany - Bells ring in the new year at Sherwood Acres Elementary School. While kids like Julian Bacon try to find their homeroom for the very first time, it's clear others don't really want to be here. But Julian is happy. He says, What are you excited about doing at school? "Meeting a lot of people," says Julian.

And he's not really sad that mom and dad won't be here for him. How do you feel about your mommy and daddy leaving you here all day? Julian say, "Fine." Egbert Bacon says, "It's good. It's a big day for him and it may be bigger for us than him. It's a big day."

But it may be an even bigger challenge to get little Davis Rogers excited about school. He just doesn't want to leave mom and dad. "He did not want to be here today," says Kevin Rogers. "He doesn't want to go to school, period."

Leaving a crying son with strangers, is tough on everyone. Rogers says, "He'll be all right in a little while. It just takes a little getting used to. Both of us, right." And hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

For the Bacon's, today is a day to remember. That's why dad is snapping some photos. Egbert Bacon says, "We want to remember this day, be able to show him when he gets older, this was you on your first day, so, he'll never forget it."

Because you only have your very first day of school once. The first day of school for Lee County Schools is Friday.


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