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Superintendents outline priorities

August 02, 2005

Thomasville-- Thomas County and Thomasville's school administrators are outlining their priorities for the year.

Thomas County Schools Superintendent, Larry Green, says academics are tops on his list. "Adequate yearly progress, AYP, the term is, as a result of no child left behind is the number one priority," he says.

Second is school safety, a priority spearheaded by locking every door on campus but the front ones. "We transport a lot of students, we have a lot of students in our school system. We have to make sure that the facilities are safe, secure," says Green.

Green's third priority is making sure the community is well served. After all, schools usher students into adulthood, and then into society. "Academically, emotionally, socially, that's all part of what we do in dealing with children," says Green.

While Thomas County Schools are busy organizing the new school year, the same can be said for Thomasville City Schools. "This year we have two major initiatives," says Superintendent, Sabrina Boykins-Everett.

The first of those initiatives is discipline. "The students are primarily expected to be in the right place at the right time, with the right materials doing the right thing," says Everett. That's always expected of students, but this year, says Everett, it's explicitly stated.

The next priority is a plan to boost underachieving students, particularly those in schools where minorities are the majority. "The outcome expectation is that those students with those descriptives will be proficient at a 90 percent rate of performance," says Everett.

Performance both superintendents hope will continue from school to school. "We have a lot of good expectations throughout," says Everett. "We know that having good test scores is not enough. We know that we have to continue to improve," adds Green. And there are nine months left this school year to do so.

Transportation is a secondary priority for Thomas County. With two new schools this year, they're having to stagger parent pick-ups with bus arrivals.


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