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Open house night for Dougherty County schools

August 1, 2005

Albany-- Monday night was a first chance for many Dougherty County students to take a look at their school surroundings and meet their teachers.

Teachers at Radium Springs Elementary are getting ready for the school year. "We're getting the rooms to look attractive so the kids will enjoy being here," says 2nd grade teacher Karen Kinsaul. Putting up numbers, charts and posters gets a little bit easier after a few years experience.

"20 years, this is my 21st year," says Kinsaul.

But each year it does get a little harder to say goodbye to old students. "It is, and you have to check back on them the following year to make sure they're doing well," says Kinsaul. Knowing that you'll see new and eager faces in the Fall is enough to start the whole process again.

"I came in at 8:30 and I haven't been home yet," says 2nd grade teacher Sandy Cohen. The second home for teachers is the school and it feels good to stand in front of the door of a nearly finished room. "It does and there's a few more things I need to do," says Cohen. And as teachers get settled, students and their parents are gettting an early start.

"Notebook paper, sanitizer, glue stick," says student Sincerity McDuffie as she fills her desk.

Open House is giving them a chance to meet teachers, ask questions and get comfortable before the real work starts on Wednesday. "I'm excited. Really excited," says McDuffie. School teachers say they're ready for an exciting year. "Well I would think after a few years of doing this I would like to say I am but there is always a new challenge," says teacher Gloria Evans-Ford.

They welcome the challenges.

"We look forward to seeing them," says Cohen. "It starts at 8:30," says Kinsaul. Class starts at 8:30 on the dot. Teachers, parents and students already have an early start.

A good portion of parents and students turned out for the Open House. Teachers say in order for the year to be successful, it's important that parents stay involved. That Open House was for all Dougherty County schools grades kindergarten through ninth.



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