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Guard families look to each other for support

August 1, 2005

Sylvester- Phyllis Leverett may move her hands as quickly across a computer keyboard as she moves her feet when it comes to saving a life.

The Worth County paramedic is battling on by computer, while her husband, Specialist Jonathan Leverett, is battling in Iraq as a member of Georgia's 48th Brigade.

"They're goal when they left here was to bring every soldier home and obviously that's not happening," Leverett said Monday after the news spread of more casualties in the 48th.

That's what she talked about with one of her "Battle Buddies" online. Every day she talks with these wives of soldiers Jonathan is serving with in the Middle East.

"We just keep each other informed of what's going on or if we have a problem at home," she said.

Problems that may seem minor on a day like Monday.

Not only has the computer screen become a place that's helping Phyllis make it through, it's how the National Guard sends information to every family. If something happens, she gets a "Negative Notification" by e-mail.

For Phyllis, it brings positive news.

"It's a good way of saying, this was not your family member," she said.

But when it's a member of the 48th, it might as well be.

"It still affects us in a way because we are all family with the 48th Brigade."

So as time passes, she waits for Jonathan's return with pride.

"They've made a great sacrifice. And I'm proud of my husband for making that sacrifice."

A great sacrifice that, for Phyllis, is leading to even greater friendships.

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