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Missing truck driver found, but beer still gone

August 1, 2005

Albany - A truck driver who disappeared with a tractor trailer full of beer was found in an Albany motel, but $17,000 worth of brew is nowhere to be found.

50-year old James Bullock picked up a truck load of beer from Miller Brewing July 11th to deliver to New Orleans. He never showed up there. Bullock works for Flint River Transportation.

Over the weekend, the company's empty tractor trailer was found at the old movie theater on Gillionville Road in Albany. Police searched the nearby Mabry Motel and found Bullock.

"He arrested for theft by taking of a motor vehicle and of the beer," said Lt. Tracey Barnes. "Plus there was also another warrant for probation violation. There was also a bag with residue of cocaine found inside the vehicle, and he's pending drug charges at this time."

Bullock wouldn't say what happened to 22-pallets of beer. He's in the Dougherty County jail.

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