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Last day for tax-free shopping

July 31, 2005

Albany-- This week, students will be heading back to school for the first day of class. Sunday, South Georgians headed out to the stores for the last day of the tax-free holiday. 

It's only a few more hours left in Georgia's tax-free shopping holiday. "Just trying to pick up last-minute items I need, for me and for her," says shopper Melanie Freeman. Whether it's pencils, pens or a little Elmer's glue, shoppers are getting their children ready for back-to-school. "It's a hassle fighting with the crowd but overall it's worth it," says Freeman.

For only a few days, Georgia shoppers are enjoying the chance to buy clothing and school supplies without the added tax. "Oh yes, and we've made sure that we've had enough staff here to ensure the guests get what they need and quickly get in and out," says Target Manager Betty Billings. And since it is the last day for tax-free, shoppers are making sure they have their school lists handy and they're checking them twice.

"I have it in my purse and pretty much have it committed to memory right now," says shopper Deborah Satchell.

Area stores have seen record sales over the past few days as parents get their kids geared up for the first day. "We've exceeded our sales forecast every day since Thursday so sales are really up," says Billings. Stores are stocked up with everything necessary for a successful school year. "The most popular items were our bookbags because the kids need so many different kinds of bookbags," says Billings.

But there's only one kind of shopping this weekend for many parents and most agree, tax-free shopping is always welcome.

"With the expenses of school, of course it saves a lot of money for those people who have more than one child," says Satchell. It equals one thing in wallets and purses, big savings. "Uhhhh, probably about twenty or thirty bucks," says Satchell. "Probably about $100, from what I spent probably about $100," says Freeman.

Either way, it's a trip to the store that's unavoidable. "Definitely, got to have back to school," says Billings. It comes around the same time each year and you have to make sure kids are prepared with the basics. "Just about everything," says Freeman.

Parents are making sure they're off to the right start with some tax-free savings.



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