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Localpalooza for local bands

July 30, 2005

Albany-- On Saturday, it was raining over the Parks at Chehaw but local bands weren't showing any signs of slowing down.

"It feels good to play with a bunch of local bands and stuff like that, especially when everybody is from the same place," says Brian Spell of Dead Wreckless. Dead Wreckless is one of eleven local bands chosen to perform at Chehaw Park's first Localpalooza. "To be able to have a stage like this and a big area like this and have a bunch of people be able to come out, it's nice," says Spell.

It's a chance for them to play here in South Georgia but have a national feel. "This is their opportunity to get up on a national sized stage with lights and sound and have the full feel of a national band," says Chehaw Special Events Coordinator Peter Evans.

By having the event, the Parks at Chehaw hope to revive the music scene after the departure of 97.3. "We saw this need. There wasn't a place for local bands to get together and have a big concert where all of them got together," says Evans. Organizers hope a little rain won't put a damper on the music revival. They're hoping fans still turn out.

"We're shooting for about 1,000 or 1,500 now," says Evans.

For an event like this, fans like Eric Montague have been waiting for a while. "They need to do more shows like this. It's kind of sad. The rock scene is kind of dying lately but," says Montague. With the combination of a big arena, music fans and several kinds of music, they hope to keep the music playing here in Albany.

"We have many different styles. We've got rock, soft rock, even all the way to punk," says Evans. No matter what the weather brings, "We're good. Rain or shine we'll play," says Spell.

Local bands will keep on playing while they have a stage for fans to continue listening. Organizers hope this first Localpalooza will set the standard for future events. The next one will be around this time next year.

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