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South Georgia Wildcats last home game

July 30, 2005

Albany- In April, the South Georgia Wildcats roared into Albany. Despite a less than spectacular season the fan support has continued.

"Everybody in Albany loves football, Albany loves football," said Reginald Penn, of Albany.

"We've got a great team, We got a new coach and we just expecting to take it to the next level," said Glynn Leftenant, of Albany.

For South Georgia Wildcats Saturday will be no exception as the Wildcats play their final home game. Fans have really supported the team despite their 3 and 12 record.

"I think we had a sensational season and I could not be more pleased with the reception that we've got in Albany and in South Georgia," said Mike Storen, South Georgia Wildcats.

"Yeah, we've been to most of the home games, we missed a couple of them but this is the last game, we wanted to be out here for the last game," said Brian Shine, of Albany.

"People have said I don't want to miss the last one," said Storen. Some fans like Mike Frazier's group support the team even through they've never seen a game.

"Never been in, don't know what the football field look like, but we've been out here every home football game to tailgate, cook, and try and encourage the people as they go in," said Mike Frazier, of Albany.

At the beginning of the season, team management expected to get over three thousand fans at each of the eight home games and have exceeded expectations.

"Our attendance has been, I don't know the exact figures but somewhat over six thousand for each game," said Storen.

With the last home game just finished, fans are already lining up for next year.

"We didn't get season tickets this year, but next year we're definitely going to get season ticket," said Shine.

"Our season tickets for 2006 went on sale several weeks ago and we've had, what I would term an amazing response thus far. We've had more than 30 percent of our existing season ticket holders have renewed," said Storen.

For eight weeks since April, the Wildcats have provide great entertainment, and plan to build on the base they already have for 2006.



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