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Bar going dry for good cause

July 28, 2005

Cairo-- During a special ceremony on Saturday in Cairo, people will throw away every drop of alcohol in "Lisa's Hideaway."

Bar owner, Lisa Walte, says that the reason is simple: alcohol destroys lives. "God placed a burden on me, and he's asked me to answer it. And this is what I'm doing. I'm answering that call," says Walte.

Walte hopes families will hear that answer. That's who "Lisa's Hideaway" will cater to now. "Families can shoot pool together, of course families eat together. We'll have Christian music," she says.

Walte's epiphany to close down one of Cairo's drinking places and turn it into a family style pool hall and restaurant is being well received by the community. "It's a great thing for Grady County. This is something other communities need to take a look at," says patron, Tim Martin. "I think it would be a good change for any county, not just Grady County," says fellow patron, Charles Redding.

It's a change for the better that Walter first thought of a year ago. And one that will cost her a lot of change. "Three to five thousand dollars. It's very much worth it. It's minimal compared to the devastation alcohol can create," says Walte.

Walte says she's glad to leave that devastation behind. "To have to go to sleep every night and worry that I maybe contributed to that, just is no longer tolerable. I have a lot of faith. I know everything's going to be all right.

Walte says that everybody is invited to the ceremony. But she stresses that she will not give away any alcohol or bar equipment.


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