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Service club shows support for soldiers

July 29, 2005

Valdosta - A piece of construction paper with a short message may not seem like much, but to South Georgia soldiers serving in Iraq, its the extra push they need to keep on fighting. "They live in tents and its 130 degrees, but they don't mind doing it when they know America appreciates it," said Claire Strickland.

That's why these girls are sending a special thank you all the way across the globe. "We're just trying to tell them how much this means to us and that we really appreciate what they're doing over there for our country and our freedom," said Emma Buescher.

"We thought it would cheer them up and let them know we're thinking of them," said Jesslyn Brantley.

The girls are part of Sigma Delta Theta, a service group with members from Valwood, Lowndes, and Valdosta High Schools. As a service project, they've dressed up as citizens from countries all over the world to represent world peace, and they're writing letters of support and encouragement to members of our local National Guard Unit. "It takes a lot of courage to go over there and do something most of us girls could never dream of doing," said Elizabeth Street .

The letters will come at a time when the soldiers need them most. Last week, four members of their company died in a roadside bomb explosion. "They're stunned and very saddened," said Claire Strickland.

Claire Strickland should know, her husband is the company's training officer. "The company guys are very close to one another and I would pray that it would give them support when they have to go out on a mission, that it would bring a smile to their face and just give them a little bit of cheer," said Strickland.

Cheer and hope to let them know people back home thinking of them, and are grateful for their service.


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