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A possible, easier way to cook healthy and delicious meals

July 29, 2005

By: Liz Crenshaw

Undated--This may not be the culinary institute, but for busy moms who dread the "what's for dinner" question, it may be even better.  A place where all the tough stuff about mealtime is pretty much taken care of.

Let's dish is part of a growing trend in family food preparation, a commercial kitchen with a variety of pre-planned meals where all the ingredients for each dish are at hand, already prepped, and ready to be combined by the chef who, as it turns out, is you.

Wach cooking station has a large recipe card with complete preparation instructions, all the necessary ingredients, and even color coded utensils so you won't mess up the proper proportions.  

And then there's the camaraderie thing.

Customers spend 2 hours preparing all these different foods, and when the dishing is done, each entree is packed and labeled for the freezer, and each chef has assembled 8 to 12 different meals ready to be cooked at home that will serve up to 6 people each.

It costs $155 to prepare 8 meals, $195 to prepare 12.  That works out to about $3 per serving.  The let's dish folks say that's cheaper than slapping a happy meal in front of your kids at dinnertime.

Click here for more information on let's dish.

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