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Yard work can be dangerous

July 28, 2005

Albany- Your yard work could be dangerous, if you're not careful.

Thousands of people are injured each year when they misuse gasoline and other flammable liquids. Refilling lawn equipment can be a risky task if the proper steps aren't taken.

"People try to refill those types of appliances while they're hot, they've been using them and run out of fuel and go back and try and refuel them, obviously the exhaust systems on those devices are hot and if you're not real careful you can get a flash fire," said Interim Chief James Carswell, Albany Fire Department.

When refilling a portable container, the vehicle should be turned off along with your cellphone, and leave about two inches of space at the top for vapor expansion. Georgia's humidity actually helps cut down on the possibility of a spark when refilling a container.

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