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Parents face jail time for truancy

July 28, 2005

Albany- Dougherty County Sheriff's deputies have arrest warrants for three parents because their children have not been going to school.

There are warrants out for Tabitha Woodall, Kimberly Snell and Rosa Lunsford, all of Dougherty County. These parents have the most habitually truant students in the school system.

A new state truancy law went into effect this summer. Under the new truancy law, parents will face up to 30 days in jail and up to a $100 fine for letting their children miss too many days of school.

District Attorney Ken Hodges sent a letter home to all parents and guardians this month explaining the law.

"This is serious and we are serious about making sure these kids do attend school because number one, if they don't attend school they won't have the educational opportunities they need, number two, they're usually out doing things that aren't good," Hodges said at a press conference Thursday.

The wanted parents will be able to post a $1000 bond to get out of jail. The point of the law is to force parents to take responsibility for their children and their education.

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