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A way to lose weight by cell phone

July 28, 2005

By: Peggy Pico

Undated--A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a thousand calories. If you're using "My Food Phone," a new cell phone diet service, it works like this. Using a cell phone, you take a picture of all the food you're about to eat. Then e-mail those photos, with a brief written description to the My Food Phone website.

Your photo food journal is monitored by one of the website's registered dietitians who sends you comments and suggestions on how to improve your next meal."

At a cost of 100 dollars a month, the camera phone diet service pinches the wallet more than the waistline, says weight loss doctor Jeff Sandler.

Clarity is another issue, some dietitians say its hard to tell portion size from cell phone pictures. Still, studies show people who keep track of what they eat lose the most weight and keep it off the longest.

And could forever change the way you smile for a picture.

You can use any brand of cell phone for the service as long as it's a camera phone, but if you do sign up, be prepared to fill out a questionnaire that asks your height, weight, and other medical questions.

For more information on My Food Phone website.

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