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Albany Commissioners cast their "Lott"

Future Albany city manager Alfred Lott Future Albany city manager Alfred Lott

July 27, 2005

Albany-- By law, the city must announce the finalist's name 14 days before officially hiring him, but Alfred Lott already told is current employer, the City of Takoma Park, Maryland, that he's planning to take the job as Albany's city manager.

Lott is the current Public Works Director at Takoma Park, a town of about 17,000 people. But says he's prepared to handle a city more than four-times that size.

Alfred Lott was in the US Army for more than 22 years, serving as the commander of an attack helicopter battalion, a public affairs chief, and a strategic planner at the Pentagon.

He then moved into civilian life as the assistant city manager of College Park, Maryland and most recently the Public Works Director of Takoma Park, Maryland. "I looked at the size of the City and the size of the organization and thought it was an excellent opportunity for me to become a city manager and turn help out the organization and make it better."

He says even though Takoma Park is a much smaller city than Albany, he's prepared to run the organization. "The processes and procedures for managing a city with a 17,000 or 79,000 population I think are going to be the same."

Lott comes during a shaky time for the city, with a handful of department head positions vacant, a controversial decision to get rid of former city manager Janice Allen Jackson, and amid problems with the Albany Police Department.

Lott says his top priority is filling those department heads positions, mainly the police chief. "I think its a very important thing to get the right senior leaders in charge of these departments so that we can coach and mentor the middle managers and first line supervisors."

As for dealing with city commissioners known for their bickering, Lott says he certain that he can work with all city leaders in a civil manner to make the Good Life City even greater. "The prospect of becoming the city manager of Albany, Georgia is something that I'm very enthusiastic and excited about."

The city attorney says an exact salary for the new city manager hasn't been set, but the former city manager made $103,000 a year, plus benefits.


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