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A way to know how many calories your body needs

July 27, 2005

By: Peggy Pico

Undated--Cardio, weight training, and a protein rich diet. A good, but generic weight loss plan, Amy Wehking wants to customize using her own metabolic fingerprint.

First, a nose plug.

Then for seven to ten minutes Amy breathes into the body gem, a hand held device said to measure the metabolism, or the amount of calories the body needs and uses to stay alive.

Doctors say up to 75% of the calories your body burns each day doesn't come from exercise, or even the food you eat, it comes from your metabolic rate while at rest.

Metabolic researcher Dr. Ken Fujioka says you don't really need to know your resting metabolic rate to eat the right amount of calories.

But, it's better than guessing the amount of calories you need, says Amy.

Numbers that could add up to a more personal hands on approach to weight loss.

Metabolic fingerprinting costs about 50 dollars.

Click here for more information on metabolic fingerprinting.

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