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School dress codes make shopping hard

July 26, 2005

Albany - Getting your kids ready to go back to school can be costly and can leave you with a headache, especially if you're trying to buy clothes that fit into a school's dress code. I went shopping with two teenagers about to start high school, and let's just say finding clothes that they liked and that didn't break the dress code wasn't easy.

Best friends Heather Padgett and Shirley Estes know what they like: jeans, tiny-tees, silky tank tops, and shorts. But what they like to wear isn't always o-kay according to their school's dress code.

"You get aggravated and stressed out shopping," said Shirley.

"The stuff you think is o-kay, you go to school and wear it. They tell you that you can't wear it, then you bought it for no reason," added Heather.

So in an attempt to get them ready to head back to class, we went shopping at Target and took the Dougherty high school dress code with us.

Shorts can't hit higher than three inches above the knee and skirts, two inches above the knee. But we only found one pair of shorts and a few skirts that were o-kay by the code. One skirt was suitable on a petite Shirley, but too short for Heather.

"Because I'm taller, the same skirt looks bad on me," said Heather.

And some of the jeans - cute but also unacceptable "Ripped, frayed, patched, or unhemed clothes are all banned," said Heather.

We had better luck with the shirts. "Would you wear this," I Shirley about a t-shirt. "Yes," said answered, finally happy about what she was wearing. Shirts must cover up your stomach with your arms raised. Rank tops, however, aren't allowed. Too bad there were four racks of them.

"Even though it doesn't show anything, everything's covered up and it's long enough, we can't wear them," said Shirley.

In the end, the girls found a few things they liked that were acceptable, but they say the strict dress code leaves them buying clothes school and fun. "It's like you have two different wardrobes for the day," said Shirley.

Schools have varying dress codes, so check with your child's school before shopping for clothes. Since boys clothes are a little baggier, it wasn't as hard to obey the dress code.


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