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Massive manhunt ends in arrest

July 26, 2005

Lee County - A Chevron station is where Ronald Foster's day started to go bad, and where it would only get worse. "Why did you run? Because I was driving on a suspended license," says Foster.

Police say the 32 year old Albany man, stole $22 worth of gas from the convenience store earlier today, he then pulled out of the parking lot. "We heard, just a 'thump' like a car wreck," says Jason "Dub" Wren. He works at Dyes Heating and Cooling, and saw Foster get out of the car.

Wren says, "The guy proceeded to get out of his car, go to the back, grab a backpack, took off running through here, then he come back maybe two minutes later and grabbed something else out of the vehicle. I asked him, 'are you hurt'? He said, 'no man, but I need to get out of here! I need to get out of here!'"

Then it was back to the woods, prompting a massive search, with a helicopter, K-9 unit and dozens of officers. "Always be cautious with somebody running like this. You never know what might happen," says Lee County Major Reggie Rachals.

Especially since it appeared Foster was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Wren said he could smell alcohol on Foster's breath, and when he was caught, back at the Chevron Tuesday afternoon, he admitted he had been drinking, before and after the wreck. He says, "I tried to hide from them and I drank four or five more."

But he won't be driving or running under the influence anymore, at least not today. The driver of the car Foster hit was hurt, but troopers say her injuries are not life-threatening.

Ronald Foster is in the Lee County Jail. He is currently wanted on probation violation in Dougherty County and faces an additional 8 to 10 charges.


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