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Four 48th Brigade soldiers killed

July 25, 2005

A roadside bomb kills four soldiers with Georgia's 48th Brigade. The military is notifying the families but has not released the names of the troops publicly. Just the thought of hearing that devastating news frightens other families with loved ones fighting in Iraq.

Yellow ribbons showing support for the troops in Iraq are a sure sign that a loved one is here at home trying to remain strong. "Even though it's hard but we do what we have to do," says Lashonta Williams. News reports help Lashonta Williams keep up with how her husband is doing overseas.

"I try not to stay glued to it now because of everything like the attacks they're currently having and they're so frequent," says Williams.

On Sunday, four soldiers with the 48th Brigade were killed in action. This is news that no 48th family wants to hear. "You think about those families who've suffered that loss. It saddens you," says Williams. Her husband, Specialist Clynt Williams is safe. "So far he's o.k. I talked to him this morning. He called me to reassure me everything's o.k. He was o.k.," says Williams.

But she can't help but think, what if he weren't?

"You get those thoughts and you wonder who is it and am I going to be the one they're going to come see," says Williams. Lashonta's friend Michelle Watts has the same worries.

"There are some days when we do really need just a shoulder to cry on," says Michelle Watts. She said goodbye to her husband right after they got married. "Five days later," says Watts.

These are the first members of the 48th Brigade killed in combat. Lashonta and Michelle can only wait together and wish all the soldiers the best. "I hope they accomplish it and bring them back safe and healthy," says Williams.

They'll hope and pray for no bad news.

A fifth soldier who wasn't part of the 48th was wounded in a second bomb explosion.



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