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Junior Volunteers make a difference

July 25, 2005

Thomasville- "Junior Volunteers" at Archbold Hospital in Thomasville are giving up their summer to make a difference.

When Junior Volunteer, Hannah Fletcher, makes her rounds at Archbold, no matter how small her tasks are, she knows she's making a difference for the staff, and her future. "I usually make copies or run errands. I probably want to be some kind of doctor, maybe a surgeon," says Fletcher.

Fletcher is just one of 43 Junior Volunteers who dedicated their summer to Archbold. That's an educational sacrifice the hospital staff uses to concentrate more on their patients. "We're just so thrilled to have her here. It takes a lot of workload off of me. She helps me tremendously," says Clinical Coordinator, Virginia Bradford, R.N.

No matter which department they work in, walking the halls gives the Junior Volunteers the real world experience they need in case they go into the medical field. "They can come in and at least get an idea of what they might be interested in, and think educational wise when they head off to college what they might want to do one day," says Bradford.

Although Fletcher still has three years until college, she heads to the ninth grade next week, a bittersweet parting for everyone. "I'm looking forward to having her for a little bit longer before the summer ends," says Bradford. "They're really nice so I'll miss them. But I might see them next year," says Fletcher. That's another year, and another of the more than 10 departments Fletcher can work in.

Fletcher won't receive any school credit for volunteering at Archbold. But she says it will definitely help her get into a pre-med program when she goes to college.

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