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Temperatures nearing record highs

July 25, 2005

Albany-- You don't need a thermometer to know that it is scorching in South Georgia. If you've been outside, you've definitely noticed it's hot.

But what if you had nowhere else to go but outside, if the only cover you could find was that of a tree branch. That's what many homeless people go through everyday.

We often think about the homeless when it's cold outside, providing them with blankets and warm clothing. But when it gets hot, they need assistance as well. T his heat could pose a serious health threat. The same system moving through South Georgia moved over Arizona, killing about 20 people there--most of them, transients and homeless persons, with nowhere else to go.

Brandy Butler, who is homeless, says, "It is ridiculous. I have two children. We walk them out here everyday. She gets fussy and the other one gets cranky because it is just so hot out here."

Brandy Butler, Aimee Massaline and their children are homeless and have nowhere to cool off during the day.   Brandy says, "Children should not be in the heat like this."

At night, they seek refuge in the Salvation Army, but from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, they are out on the streets. "When we are pushing the strollers in the heat," says Brandy, "we are getting hot ourselves. It's like, we've got to catch our breath, cause we feel like we're suffering from the heat."

Aimee adds, "I have to use my inhaler, I have headaches." Fortunately, for the friends, and especially their kids, Albany Rescue Mission opened its doors to the women, and others suffering from the heat today.

Bro. Larry Hample of the mission, says, "The main thing is feeding them, giving them liquids. Also we keep the chapel open, if they need to get out of it, even if they're not here as a resident, they can at least go in the air conditioned chapel."

"Myself, I would love to be out of the heat, and to have my kids here out of the heat, because the heat is not good for no child to be in," says Brandy.

And hopefully, they won't have to be in the extreme heat much longer.  Brother LArry says, "We're hoping this doesn't last for too many more days, until that high pressure system moves over."

Until this heat does move on, and even after, there are things you can do to help the homeless. You can provide water, cool clothing, give money to shelters in the area.

Temperatures are only expected to climb over the next several days. They should go back down to the low 90's by the end of the week.

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