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ICE provides emergency information

July 25, 2005

Valdosta - When first responders get to an accident, they immediately start looking for one thing. "We search for identification and hopefully we'll find something with an address on it," said Captain Brian Childress.

But a lot of times that information isn't current, and they have to take much more time consuming avenues to find the correct contact information. That's why first responders are pushing a new initiative called ICE, or "In Case of Emergency."

"If we're out on a scene and someone's unconscious or unfortunately killed, we can look at their cell phone, open up that address book and find ICE," said Childress.

All they're asking is that you list your emergency contact number in your cell phone's address book as ICE. It could save them hours of work trying to dig up your information, especially considering that most of the people we talked to Monday say they don't carry any details. "Nothing besides my driver's license," said Brandi Chadwick.

"I have my insurance card, that's about it besides my driver's license," said Andrea Rhodes.

And just in case your first contact isn't available, its a good idea to list several numbers as ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3. "That way if your primary contact, like Mom and Dad doesn't work, then maybe we could get ahold of your sister or brother," said Childress.

Telling someone their loved one has been hurt or killed is a job no one wants. "It's certainly something you don't want to do," said Childress.

But with accessible information, they can do that job much easier.


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