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An old-fashioned way to beat the heat

July 24, 2005

Albany-- Sunday was another hot one here in South Georgia. Heat indeces reached over 100 degrees leaving some to cool off in any way possible. One cold, old-fashioned treat is always an alternative.

For a few dollars, some South Georgians are saving themselves from the heat. "A lot more people just seem to be out and about," says Bruster's Co-Manager Sallie Paff. They're buying themselves a little bit of cool. "It's been a pretty busy day. It's a hot day," says Paff.

The heat and ice-cream go hand in hand. "Yup, it's cool and refreshing," says Paff. Cool and refreshing offers a lot of variety. Ask any ice-cream lover.

"Um, do you have plain strawberry?," asks one customer. It's a toss-up between the flavors. One scoop or two? Cup or cone?

"I'll have the waffle cone, oreo , double scoop," says another customer. The heat has some already sure of what they want and dealing with the sun is worth the wait. "This is worth coming outside for. This is worth breaking a sweat for," says ice-cream lover Ginger Nickerson.

Everyone agrees that no matter the flavor, it's a cool way to beat the heat. "It's a little warm, a little hot but nothing like enjoying some ice cream on a hot July day to make things a little cooler," says customer Eddie Adams. However, ice-cream lovers are going to have to race against the hot temperatures.

"When you hand it out the window as soft as it is, it's going to melt really, really quick," says Paff. You have to eat it really, really quick. "I guess so. I'm gonna do that," says Adams. You have to make sure you get every last drop. "Lots of napkins, lots of napkins," says Paff. For the hot, summer months, customers looking for an old-fashioned way to stay cool are finding it at Bruster's Old-Fashioned Ice-Cream and Yogurt.

"Eleven to eleven," says Paff.

Bruster's says the most popular summer treats are butter pecan, white turtle, and milkshakes.



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