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Back to school means bring your wallet

July 22, 2005

Albany-- In two weeks, kids will go back to school, and buying the supplies they need can break the bank.

Armed with the required supply lists for area schools, we went shopping at Staples in Albany.

For Pre-K and Kindergarten the bill was about $16.00. For elementary more than $40.00, and middle school $55.00.

Parents with high school students - get ready to spend around $150 on school supplies if they have to have specialty calculators for math.

"Do parents get overwhelmed some times at just how much it costs? asked Staples Assistant Manager Pat Wilks. "Yes, some of them of very frustrated by the time they leave. Just trying to figure out what the teacher mean by what they have on the list."

These bills didn't include lunch bags, backpacks, books, or clothes.


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