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Starting a business is no easy task

July 21, 2005

Albany- Starting a business is a challenge, but there are resources that can help.

"It's something that I've always desired, it's something that I always wanted to do, I want to impact lives," said Seward Jartu, a potential business owner.

So Seward, now a manager at Walgreens, is looking at the possibility of being his own boss. "I primarily want to develop, redevelop lands, houses that have been abandoned as you can see behind me," said Jartu.

While he's just getting started he hopes a class on how to start a business at Albany Technical College, will help with some of the obstacles. "Money is always a big obstacle, finding people that can partner up with you that have the same desire and goals," said Jartu.

No matter what the business, whether it's women's clothing store or a restaurant, if you don't have a proper business plan you could be finished before you start.

"Having the plan is one important step, the next most important thing is financing. Funding is a big issue for businesses and having the amount of capital needed to run that business," said Teresa Rayburn, Business Consultant.

She says, if you don't have the capital or money to advertise then you should probably reconsider. "There's a big myth that there's a big pool of government money available for small businesses and it just doesn't exist," said Rayburn.

Consultants like Teresa say, there are plenty of opportunities in South Georgia for small business owners but new owners need to be prepared for the risks. Some say the risk is worth it.

"Albany has lots of potential, lots of potential and I think if somebody could just step out there and do something we can see lots of things happen for this small town," said Jartu.

The class, "How to Start a Business" is offered once a month through the University of Georgia. Once the class is complete a consultant is assigned to each student to help guide them towards their goal. To access more infomation on how to start a business you can contact the University of Georgia's web site at



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