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National web site tracks sex offenders

July 21, 2005

Albany- Parents have a new tool to help protect their kids from sex offenders. A national on-line registry provides parents with one site to find out who may be living next door.

The new Justice Department web site allows the public to track thousands of sex offenders. Information is provided by individual states. The new site eliminates the hodge podge of separate web sites and creates one place to get accurate information.

"It's useful for the community, so that people can actually know who's in their neighborhood. Secondly it also provides us one site for law enforcement to research sex offenders. We can find out what's going on, whether or not certain people have moved, where they are coming from," said Chris Cohilas, Dougherty Co. Assistant District Attorney.

Parents are encouraged to check the site because sex offenders have the highest rate for repeat offenses. Georgia's information has not yet been added to the site.  You can find the national sex offender site at



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