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Family wonders why South Albany teenager was murdered

July 21, 2005

Albany -- One month after a 14 year old boy was shot to death in front of his home, the murder suspect is still at large. Police think 18 year old Ronald King is still in Albany, being hidden by friends.

The murdered teen's family hopes King will be brought to justice soon.

Ikeem Kendrick's uncle shows the spot on Avalon Avenue where the 14 year old was gunned down. The victim's uncle Charles Kendrick said "He was laying right there, and the blood was flowing right down there. I can still see him down there."

His great grandmother shows the last picture of Ikeem, taken at the Monroe High prom in April. Police say it was one of Ikeem's closest friend, 18 year old Ronald King, who shot him in the face, killing him. Charles Kendrick said "One of his friend's just took him out. Took his life."

 For years King came to Kendrick's home to be with Ikeem. Most of that day the two teen's sat on Kendrick's front porch. Ikeem's family say they have no idea why he was shot, but they hope King is caught soon. Carrie Kendrick said "Let him stay in the jail house until he die. And when they get him there, don't let him out. Keep him until he die."

 Across Avalon Avenue from the Kendrick home is a park that Police say is a magnet for gangs. All around the block abandoned homes that gangs use for hangouts. Carrie Kendrick said "See that's the way they go. Some of them be dressed in red shirts, some in white shirts."

Ikeem Kendrick grew up on this street, surrounded by gangs. Both his parents in jail when he was murdered.

 His family hopes his death will be a wake up call to his friends. Charles Kendrick said "stay off the streets late at night, and harming people. And maybe they can get their lives together."

 Meanwhile Ronald King is still wanted for murdering his good friend. Ikeem's family still wondering why he was killed.

If you have any information about Ronald King, call the Albany Police.


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